Wallaroo shores gallery.

Explore the beauty of Wallaroo, its serene beaches and artistic impressions of the Wallaroo Shores development and see what all the excitement is about.


The Developer.

MONOPOLY PROPERTY GROUP – Internationally multi-awarded Developer Australia, Asia, United Kingdom

A proudly South Australian-owned international, multi-award winning company, Monopoly Property Group (MPG) is responsible for significant developments throughout Australia. From acquiring and developing land, for residential, tourist and commercial purposes, to engaging Australian businesses at every stage of development, MPG’s projects enhance Australia’s economy by meeting its housing requirements, creating local jobs and prosperous investments for its stakeholders.

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The Wyndham Wallaroo Shores Resort is not owned, developed, marketed or sold by The Wyndham Group or its affiliates. The company has entered an agreement with the Wyndham Group to manage Wyndham Wallaroo Shores Resort. The Wyndham Group makes no representation to any party in relation to the financial returns of the hotel operation or the financial resources of the company.

While care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in this document at the time of its preparation, the publisher gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, photography, illustration or statement contained in this document because all information may be subject to change. Readers should make their own enquiries and satisfy themselves as to whether the information provided is current and should seek advice before entering into any contract. Photographs and illustrations in this document are indicative only and may not depict the final product.

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